P&C Executive



Vice President: Katie Dionysius

Vice President: Christie Vickery

Vice President: Kimberley Morgan

Treasurer: Kirsten Prytherick

Secretary:   Sam Grehan  


Noosaville State School P&C Association

The Noosaville State School Parents and Citizens Association is a 100% volunteer organisation with an enthusiastic and motivated membership of parents, staff and others in the school community. The P&C conducts its business in accordance with the P&C Constitution and Annual Operations Plan which provides the following strategic guidance for the Association:


To enhance the educational outcomes of the students of Noosaville State School


To proactively work in partnership with the school community (Principal, teachers, parents, care givers, students and volunteers) using productive relationships to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for Noosaville State School students.


The purpose of the P&C is to provide feedback on school policies and activities and to support the school through the provision of additional resources to enhance student learning and provide parents with opportunities to be involved in their children's education.

The daily running of the P&C is managed by the Executive Committee, which consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; however all members of our school community are encouraged to be involved. The P&C cannot function effectively without the support of volunteers and there are many ways you can contribute and be involved.

The P&C provides the Tuckshop and Uniform Shop services at our school, both of which are reliant on the regular support of volunteers. If you can’t volunteer, donations of staples and other essential ingredients are always welcome. Speak to our friendly Uniform/Tuckshop Convenor about how you can be a part of this core service.

The other major effort of the P&C is delivering a variety of fundraising and community events throughout the year such as, Mother’s/Father’s Day stalls, discos, fun runs, fetes and other great activities. We encourage you to participate in all of these fun activities, as the many hands of enthusiastic volunteers are required to make these events happen. All fund raising proceeds go back into the school and your child’s education, with expenditure determined through our P&C monthly meetings. Please also consider the annual Voluntary Financial Contribution (see information sheet below) to help the P&C in its efforts.

The P&C Association meets on the Monday of week 2, 6 and 10 of every Term, straight after school in the library training room. Child minding is available through the OSHC, free of charge, however prior booking is required. Everyone in the school community is welcome to attend our meetings and encouraged to become a voting member so you can be actively involved in the decision making process of the Association. Our Annual General Meeting occurs in March and is an important event on the calendar for electing the Executive Committee and approving policies, plans and the budget for the year.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be involved, or have any suggestions for the P&C, you can send an email to the Noosaville State School P&C.  We are always listening and eager for input from the school community, whether you can attend our meetings or not.

The P&C also maintains a Facebook Page where we pass on regular information about what the P&C is up to, fundraising events and sales or news from the Tuckshop and Uniform Shop. We are at Noosaville State School P&C Facebook Page and always appreciate likes and positive feedback 


More information on the P&C Association can be found in the following documents: 


• P&C Constitution  

• 2016 Annual Operations Plan 

• AGM President's Report 2017 

• Voluntary Financial Contribution Information (pdf. 313kb)


Last reviewed 01 May 2020
Last updated 01 May 2020