The Giant Lunchbox


Visit the tuckshop online or download the canteen menu (PDF, 171 KB).

The Giant Lunchbox is open from 8am to 1:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.
The Giant Lunchbox now offers Online & Paper Bag ordering for both Morning Tea & Big Lunch.
Over the counter sales for snacks and treats for both breaks are available.

Online Ordering

The preferred way to order from The Giant Lunchbox is using the online ordering system – School24.

To register your child/ren simply visit . Click on the register tab and follow the online prompts. The school ID code to register is 25232963. You can create an account, load students and be up and running in just a few minutes! The Giant Lunchbox loves it when you use our online service as it saves our convenor Cholena & our amazing volunteers a huge amount of time.  You can even place your orders for the whole week in advance … school mornings just got a whole lot easier! Cost for this service is 25c per order for casual users or you can pay $8.80 per family per year for unlimited orders for more frequent users. 

All online orders need to be in by 8:30am on the day of the order. 

Paper Bag Ordering

If you are unable to order/access online ordering, you can still use the paper bag system.
Clearly write your child’s name, class, Morning Tea or Big Lunch and ordered menu items on the bag.  Please use a separate bag for each break.  Don’t forget to place all orders into the tuckshop class tubs. Or simply hand it into the tuckshop directly.   
Brown paper bags are located in the cling wrap section of supermarkets. Or you can purchase a white paper bag at the tuckshop for 30c each or you can purchase the bags in bulk from the tuckshop also.  
Simply fold bag 3 times to secure money (no staples please)
Please include correct change if possible. If not we will tape the change to your child’s lunch bag.
Download the Tuckshop Menu (PDF, 171KB).

Volunteers are Needed & Always Welcome…

The Giant Lunchbox needs your help! This is a fantastic opportunity to help out in a fun and friendly environment and also gives you a chance to meet other parents, grandparents, caregivers and Cholena our Tuckshop & Uniform Shop Convener. 
If you have a spare few hours on any weekday from 8:30am - 11:30am, or 11:30am - 1:30pm, your time & support would be greatly appreciated.  
Everyone who volunteers for four or more hours in one week will receive a $5.00 voucher for their child to order lunch as a special thank you giving up your time. If these times suit please come in a see me during opening hours or email 

Donations Always Welcome…

Many families may not be able to support The Giant Lunchbox with volunteering but may be able to support in donations of food items to help keep our prices affordable. Items such as margarine, eggs, SR Flour, tin pineapple, eggs, vanilla essence, vegetable oil,  brown sugar, cooking spray, tissues, paper towel, patty pan cases, fruits & vegetables are always welcome. Your donations are and will be greatly appreciated.  
Many Thanks
Last reviewed 02 March 2020
Last updated 02 March 2020